About S.E.L.A.H


Sherian McCoy,
Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner


 Sherian McCoy is an author, speaker, natural healthcare practitioner, business owner, Diplomat of Pastoral Science with the Pastoral Medical Association, wife, mother, and grandmother. An avid story teller,
she enjoys sharing how she has walked
difficult paths in many areas of her life but come through with healing and growth. Her heart’s desire is to see others walk in the fullness of their creation.  In her spare time, Sherian spends quiet evenings with the love of her life, Steve, her husband and life partner of thirty years.

Sherian claims the biggest successes in life have been her children and her marriage to Steve. They recently celebrated 30 years of marriage and desire to work together in  educating and supporting others in life's lessons.  While Sherian actively works with clients, Steve supports her never ending ideas and works behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. 




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