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The Wellness Center


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to see true healing of all of our clients and patients in the areas of:

  • Spiritual

  • Emotional

  • Physical

Our Mission

The mission of SELAH Wellness is to guide those seeking wellness through holistic healing. We do this by providing aromatherapy, detox, emotional balancing and holistic services. We provide guidance and education to the seeker. Healing is found here through the spirit, emotional and physical but the key participant in the healing process is the one seeking. We do not treat, diagnose or prescribe medications as that is practicing and applying western medicine. We will educate, empower and encourage to help each person make the best choice for their journey of healing. This may include services we provide and recommendations to supplements all for the goal of bring your body to do what it does best - heal itself! It is our hope that we will work together in discovery to find what is best for each individual and facilitate healing in all areas of their lives when they’re ready.
Natural and Homeopathic Medicine has been around for years and our goal is to help others use it for their own healthy benefit.


Our Staff

Sherian McCoy, PScD
Natural Healthcare Practitioner

Sherian McCoy is an author, speaker, natural healthcare practitioner, business owner, Diplomat of Pastoral Science with the Pastoral Medical Association, wife, mother, and grandmother. An avid story teller,
she enjoys sharing how she has walked
difficult paths in many areas of her life but come through with healing and growth. Her heart’s desire is to see others walk in the fullness of their creation.  In her spare time, Sherian spends quiet evenings with the love of her life, Steve, her husband and life partner of thirty years.
She works tirelessly for her patients to educate and empower them. Her heart for whole wellness is evident in the care and time she takes with those that seek her knowledge through the wellness center.

Carrie Martin-Vegue, Office Manager
Childbirth Educator, Doula, Aromatherapy Coach

Carrie is a beautiful wife and mother of three. She is passionate about childbirth education and supporting mother’s after they’ve given birth. She not only supports clients in the wellness center by scheduling, calling for follow ups, helping with the flow of the day in the center and educating you will often find her teaching our childbirth classes, emotional trauma and childbirth classes and more.
If you are seeking information or education regarding any one of these services, Carrie is the jewel of education you are seeking.

April Baxter, LMT, COTA

April is our resident massage therapist. She has several years experience as a massage therapist in another state and has recently received her Texas license. Her love for people and listening ear gives her a keen awareness of for her clients as receive her therapeutic services. Whether it is Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot stones, Raindrop Therapy or Reflexology, April gives specific attention to the whole body to assure clients they are well taken care of at the center. She totally agrees with out purpose of healing physically, spiritually and emotionally and does her part to assure they receive the healing they are seeking.

Dana Collins, Holistic Chef

Dana is an amazing woman and chef. After years working as a respiratory therapist and fighting for her life and winning over breast cancer she began seeking and searching for natural ways to support her body. This journey led her to find the art of green smoothies for overall healing and ultimately led to becoming a personal chef. You will delight in Dana’s sense of humor and her down to earth attitude. She teaches our Lunch & Learn classes, Healthy Cooking Classes and privately coaches for nutritional consults. In addition, she, along with Sherian, conduct monthly Healing Strong meetings at the center to support those seeking to learn to prevent cancer.
It would be remiss to not include that not only is Dana a wonderful educator but she is also an INCREDIBLE CHEF!! Her food is amazing and you will not find a thing she prepares to not be worth mouth watering worthy!



Selah Wellness believes in Educating, Empowering and Encouraging you for the
WHOLE BODY. Our monthly workshops are set up to cover a myriad of subjects. Check them out below. There is something for everyone!

2019 Wellness Workshops Main.png

Wellness Workshops

These workshops are the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Every month we discuss a body system and the dis-ease that can occur as part of this system. Tools are introduced to help support the body for these systems. These could be supplements, herbs, essential oils, meditation or emotional balancing techniques. FREE


Healing Strong

Healing Strong meetings are a 12 month educational support system to teach and help cancer patients, their providers, and those interested in preventing cancer. Each month we discuss a different subject and also provide a delicious new healthy recipe. This is a great way to meet others and get the support you are seeking.

Healing the Broken.jpg

Healing the Broken

This weekly ladies Bible Study is open to all regardless of age, religious affiliation or beliefs. Our goal in this study is to seek how the mind affects the brain and then affects the body. As we seek God’s Word we find our own value as women of God and how that can bring healing to the body as a whole.


Holistic Cooking Classes

Our Holistic Chef has a great deal of experience in plant based cooking, smoothies and nutritional coaching. You will be delighted at her sense of humor and no nonsense attitude when sharing her delicious food, great instructions and encouragement to eat well for your health. Watch our calendar for the next workshop!

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Childbirth Education Classes

We have a series of childbirth classes as well as supportive classes for young mothers as they care for their health, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Our childbirth educator, Carrie, is an exceptional teacher and presenter. Her love for all things childbirth makes her the perfect person to present these services to our community.

Caregiver Support Group

As we began our Cancer Prevention classes and holistic cancer coaching ministry we saw a need to help those who care for their family and friends. So often there is so much talk of a cure, fighting, the “C” word that the caregiver is overlooked or tires and needs respite. These meetings are created to bring support, fun, laughter and rest to those working tirelessly to help their loved ones. The last Tuesday of each month at 7pm this time is set aside for you, the caregiver. Stay tuned as we share more details!